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Not another false start.

Now that I've made a move and have gotten my priorities straightened out a bit I feel I've come to a better place to do what I intended when I created this journal.  The fanfiction that I've talked about has now been outlined and I'm even going to consider trying to revive my dead from the start community.  I have a entirely new energy these days and I can't wait to start expressing myself.


Welcome to the madness of the Queen!


Hello and welcome to my written sanctuary!  The place where I will post my many rants and Fanfics.  I've wanted to do this for a while and now that my second semester is almost over I have no more excuses.  Go change!

However, ladies and gentlemen, I’m nervous.  For the longest time I’ve done nothing but avoid technology as best as I could.  Now I find myself taking my first awkward steps into the unknown and I’m not sure how I’ll be received.  I have a tendency to fluctuate between extreme arrogance (the only way I can describe it) and monumental inadequacy issues.  But enough about all of my new adulthood angst.


On my Live Journal I hope to (and yes I know this isn’t Miss America) create a place for myself to speak freely about anything since I have a tough time with speaking in general.  I have never been good at talking, writing was always my preference, so maybe this is exactly what I need.


This is a social experiment I’m doing on myself.  So often I start something and never finish or maintain it and I hope that this journal helps me to step away from those bad habits I’ve acquired.  


As to the content of this journal, all I can suggest is keep an open mind and don’t be surprised about what gets posted.  Not that I plan on deliberately marching on into the disturbing and infuriating.  The thing is...I like a lot of things.  Many of which most people have never heard of.  So maybe through this journal I’ll learn something and finally find out if I am as isolated in my likes as I’ve always believed.


Okay now I’m done trying to be profound!  Let the written word speak for me. (I know I said I would stop, this is the last time. Promise.;)  


Be gentle it’s my first time!




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